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iOS 14 has just been released, and iPhone users in India will notice quite a few subtle touches that could make life easier.

iMessage now recognises greetings for Indian festivals such as Holi and Diwali, as well as general greetings written in Indian languages.

You can now send emails to email addresses with Devanagari characters as well as several other scripts.

Large downloads can now use cellular data rather than being restricted to Wi-Fi, which is better suited to tariff plans and infrastructure here.

The Indian English Siri voices have also been improved, and now sound more natural and conversational.

A collection of 20 new fonts and some text style controls let you edit text in Indian languages in your apps.

You can now change your default Web browser and email client, and potentially use something more localised.

The new iOS 14 Translate app uses on-device machine learning. Indian languages aren't supported yet but could be added in the future.

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With more and more services collecting personal information, iOS 14 gives you more granular control over privacy settings.

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