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Sites TO HELP YOU Tackle

It's been several months of being locked down without being able to go out and meet friends and family, and that gets to you after a point.

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Gaming, streaming movies and shows, and arguing with people on Slack will only get you so far.

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Are you starting to feel cabin fever? Has your frustration reached its limit?

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In our quest to stave off insanity, we've found a few sites that actually can help you feel a little more connected to the rest of the world.

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And Insta page and a website, Window-Swap helps you to look out from other peoples windows, and feel like a part of the larger world.

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With Drive and Listen, you can drive around not just your city, but any of the 40 cities available on the site.

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This virtual experience lets hold a button and just scream. The recording of your scream will then be played in Iceland's vast, open spaces.

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This is a series of explorations created by Google to let you experience the great outdoors while stuck in the not so great indoors. And it's stunning.

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