Your laptop and phone are a lot dirtier than you think, but keeping them clean is not that hard.

A spilled coffee or an errant sneeze can really ruin your day. But with a little effort and no special tools, you can take care of your laptop or smartphone.

Power off, and Unplug Everything
Turn your phone or laptop off — unplug the charger, the headphones, and anything else that might be plugged into the device.

A Soft Dry Cloth Is Your Best Friend
Using a soft, dry cloth, or a clean dry and soft toothbrush, you can brush your keyboard clean, removing crumbs, water marks and other dirt.

You Can Use a Lens Cleaning Cloth
Use this to gently rub off any dirt, grease, or other marks on your phone or laptop.

Don't Use Water to Clean the Laptop
Getting your laptop wet could damage sensitive electrical parts.

A Moist Cloth Is All You Need
A few drops of water on a soft cloth, wiped off immediately, is all the water you should be using.

Cleaning Solutions Are Also A No No
Cleaning solutions can damage the oleophobic (oil-repelling) coating manufacturers put on your device.

Don't Use Force
Always wipe gently, and don't apply pressure while cleaning. Taking a little more time will do the job too!

Always Remember — be Gentle
Don't use force or you may crack the screen or ruin a key. If you have to apply pressure, take it to a pro instead.

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