better than whatsapp?


WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, but Telegram has its own fans thanks to its unique features.

Messenger war

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You can set conversations and photos to self-destruct after a few seconds or days to keep conversations private.

Secret messages

Summon bots in any conversation to pull up information, run polls, play games, and automate feeds.

Bots for convenience

You can log in to a Telegram account on multiple phones, and have up to three accounts on the same phone.

Multiple accounts

There are loads of options for tweaking your photos and videos before sending them to someone.

Photo/video editor

Hold down the Send button to reveal options to schedule messages and have them delivered silently.

polite messaging

If you're a group admin, you can limit how frequently members can post, and what can be seen and shared. 

discourage spammers

Make Telegram look just like you want, with plenty of customisation options including themes and icons.

Colours and themes

Thousands of high-quality stickers and AR masks are available. You can even create your own using a bot.

Stickers and masks

Telegram is popular for its promise of privacy. You can lock the app using a PIN, fingerprint or face recognition.

Privacy and security

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