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Though most people are happy with default browsers like Chrome and Safari, there are many browsers made by Indian developers.

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Chrome is the most popular browser out there, but if you're very keen to switch to an Indian browser, we have some options for you.

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We've tried to ensure that there are no known issues with these browsers, although they obviously don't receive as much scrutiny as Chrome does. Here are four options.

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Bharat Browser is made by an Indian developer who also works with phone companies to make their pre-installed browsers for smartphones.

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Epic Privacy Browser is built on top of Chromium, but includes additional features like a built-in VPN for additional privacy.

Reliance Jio also has its own Web Browser, called Jio Browser, which supports multiple Indian languages.

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Indian Browser is another new Made in India browser with good ratings, which includes a directory of popular Indian entertainment.

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While all these browsers have positive feedback on the app stores, there are many other options as well. We recommend avoiding apps you haven't heard of before.

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