Signal has added a lot of features over time to make it like other messaging apps, and stickers are one of those fun features.

Adding a sticker to the chat is easy, the sticker icon is in the text box, and if you tap that, you can see the different options. Tap on a sticker to send.

If you open the sticker menu, you'll see that aside from the packs, recently sent stickers have their own button, so you can find favourites fast.

To download a new sticker pack, open the sticker menu, then tap on ‘+'. Tap on a sticker pack to install it.

There aren't too many options here though, so how can you find more?

You can use Signal Desktop to create stickers, or get them from others, but the easiest way it so use a site like Signal Stickers.

Just open the page on your phone, find a sticker you like, and then tap on the Add to Signal button. You'll be asked to open the link in Signal.

There, just tap the install button at the bottom of the page, and then you can add the new stickers to your chats! That's all there is to it!

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