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Whether you've just bought an iPhone on sale or are waiting for the next model to launch, you can get the most out of it with these accessories.

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There are thousands of options ranging from clear to colourful to rugged. Show off your personality and keep your phone safe too.


Nothing beats the convenience of just plopping your phone down on a stand or pad and knowing that it's going to be ready to go when you are.

Wireless charger

6-10 foot cables will come in handy when you need to be plugged in but the only power point is too far away.

Long Lightning cable

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Apple's true wireless earphones sparked a global frenzy, but the originals work seamlessly with iPhones and sound good too.

Apple AirPods

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Power banks are essential but inconvenient. A charging case will slip onto your new iPhone and give you extended battery life.

Battery case

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The future might be wireless, but when you want to use your familiar headphones or plug in a speaker, this little adapter is necessary.

3.5mm adapter

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Shoot smoother, more professional-looking videos and get shots at more interesting angles with a stabilised gimbal grip.

Gimbal grip

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Keep your screen free and get more tactile control with a dedicated gamepad.

Game controller

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While not exactly an accessory, the Apple Watch does work best with an iPhone and complements it well.

Apple Watch

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This intangible extra will give you peace of mind and will come in handy if you ever need to have your iPhone repaired or replaced.


Video credit: Apple

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