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Dumping Whatsapp?

WhatsApp has over two billion active users and is especially popular in India for sharing photos and keeping in touch with group chats

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Some users have recently expressed concern about privacy and data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook, which now owns it.

Telegram offers group chats, voice, video, and stickers, as well as dedicated channels, bots, games, and storage for shared files

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Signal is run by a non-profit and promises end-to-end encryption. It emphasises security and privacy, and does not collect private user data.

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Kik is also great for privacy since it isn't tied to your phone number. You also get all the expected chat, sharing, and groups features.

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Viber offers group chats called communities, which you can use to have conversations about any topic of interest in a safe environment.

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Threema is a paid app but doesn't require a subscription. It doesn't show ads or collect private data. There's also a version for businesses.

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Discord is designed around gaming and group voice chats, but is increasingly being used for everyday messaging and staying in touch.

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iMessage is unfortunately restricted to iPhone and Mac users, but offers lots of features including groups, stickers, mini-apps, and animated effects.

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Of course for simple one-on-one chats, you could always fall back to good old SMS, which works fine even with simple feature phones.

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