iOS 13 
Secrets to make your life easier

Image Credit: Apple

Your iPhone can do lots of things that might not be easy to discover. Here are the best tips and tricks. 

Image Credit: Apple

Tap and hold on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles in the Control Centre to choose a paired device or network.

Quick Wireless Settings

Minimise annoyance caused by telemarketers with this toggle on the 'Phone' page of the Settings app. 

Silence Unknown Callers

Tell Safari to automatically close forgotten tabs after a set period of time to help reduce clutter.

End Safari Tab Clutter

You can capture an entire web page in Safari as a single tall PDF, but sadly this doesn't work in other apps. 

Take Scrolling Screenshots

Save some money on data usage, especially when roaming, with this simple toggle in the Settings app.

Reduce Data Usage

You can search for text within photos embedded in your Notes app to find information you need quickly.

Handwriting Recognition

You can pinch to zoom out so you can flip through a huge photo collection and find exactly what you're looking for.

See All Your Photos 

A simple double-tap gesture with three fingers will undo your actions one by one in most Apple apps. 

Quickly Undo Typing

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