Weird Gun Concepts That Make Games Fun

There are certain things in games that make no sense. Weird gun logic is one of them. Here are 7 such gun concepts in video games

Bullet Physics

In the real world, bullets and other projectiles follow Newton's Laws of Motion. But in games, forget about it. Some people argue about equal gun physics, but honestly, that's the thing that sets games apart and makes them more fun. 
Shotguns follow the “everything or nothing” motto in video games. Some games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have shotguns that can essentially snipe, while others can barely tickle an enemy with their spray.


Unlimited ammo in mounted machine guns

Mounted machine guns have unlimited ammo for some reason. At most, the limiting factor for these is overheating, which too lasts for a few seconds. It doesn't make sense, but is very satisfying nevertheless.

Gun Stereotyping

It's a strange thing, but many games associate AK 47s with the bad guys, and M4 Carbines with the good guys. And for some reason, any person with a Russian dialect always owns an SMG. 

Arm Placement

The way the arm appears in first person shooters would look very weird in real life. Most games keep them on the left or right to make way for other UI elements or even opening up the rest of the screen to see stuff. 

Rocket Launchers don't Explode Doors

Why can't rocket launchers, the weapons that can explode cars and huge buildings,  break a simple door? The answer is simple, to set boundaries and add some sort of difficulty. But in games like Fallout 4, you can only pick locks with a screwdriver.

Zooming in scope enhances audio

In some games, especially focused on snipers, there is some next-level directional audio. This was mainly present in games from the 2000s, but even though it was totally unrealistic, it made us feel cooler. 

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