Spün Intelligently Understands What and How Much You Eat

If you've ever looked at a new product and wondered who on earth would ever want or need such a thing in their lives, you'd probably have the same reaction upon seeing the Spun team for the first time. The prototype on display was a "smart spoon" that can pair with an app in order to track what and how much you eat, with presumably more accuracy than manual input would deliver. You have to take a photo of your plate and tell the app what exactly is on it by circling areas on the image, and then the spoon will use pressure and 3D positioning sensors to track your intake. It all falls apart if you rotate your plate, but of course this is an early prototype. Those who need very fine-grained tracking of food intake, for medical or any other reason, might find something worthwhile about the Spun. At the very least, it's a fascinating example of what's possible today.


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