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Realme X2 Pro

Realme X2 Pro mobile with 6.50-inch 1080x2400 display powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor alongside 8GB of RAM and 64-megapixel + 13-megapixel + 8-megapixel + 2-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Super nice
    Vipen (Oct 3, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Super Very good
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  • Great mobile
    Amitesh Amit (Oct 16, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Middle class people who wanted to buy flagship mobile but could not buy it, now they can enjoy flagship phone by purchasing this mobile.
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    • Saiganesh M.S (Oct 19, 2019) on Gadgets 360
      How much time taken to full charge
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  • Front camera
    Sunil Kumar (Nov 29, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Front camera should be atleast 32mp, then i can say that really ..For Me. ....
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  • Realme X2 Pro
    Piyush Washikar (Mar 24, 2020) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Superb phone under 30k flagship processor 855+ decent camera's thnx ndtv gadgets.
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  • Awesome smartphone
    Prasanth Kumar (Nov 25, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Worth every penny. This phone is a beast. Phone display is the biggest catch.
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  • By far this is a really good product. The only downfall is software and brandname
    Reaper's Creed (Jul 3, 2020) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    If realme had a better brandname for flagships like OPPO, Vivo, Samsung or Oneplus it would have been good. By far there is no need to worry about software or User interface because after the update it has become smoother and faster. It also comes with tons of other features taken from other brands (ex- screen off gesture which is taken from oneplus). I really wish it would have come with more customizations for wallpapers like Samsung.. But indeed it is a really good product
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  • I'm excited
    விவேக் விவேக் (Nov 13, 2019) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    Lcd screen or LED screen?
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    • JITHU J (Nov 16, 2019) on Gadgets 360
      Organic LED or OLED
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  • Just wow!
    Rohit Ray (Dec 15, 2019) on Flipkart
    charge is very faster
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  • Good quality product
    Vinod S (Dec 7, 2019) on Flipkart
    I ordered the 12 GB version. I am extremely happy about the performance and the storage. One of my favorite feature of this phone is it's dual speaker Dolby atoms on both ends of the phone. I generally never use earphones as I don't like using it because it is irritating for me. So I waited for a stereo phone and I found this is the best for it with all latest feature. I will write the Pros and cons after 4 days of usage: Will update this review after few weeks again Pros: 1. Stereo speaker which gives a very good feel of audio while hearing music and movies without headset or earphones. 2. Super fast coz of 855+ 3. 12GB Ram, may not be required but let it be. 4. Excellent video stabilisation feature and 60fps. 5. Decent camera and portrait feature. 6. Looks charging faster. But I doubt the technology because I am an electronics engineer and designed a lot of products with lithium ion battery and I am not a supposed to charge it faster than 1C rate which takes 1 + hours with 4 A (ampere). But here they are telling they are charging the cell at around 8A+ current which may not be safe for battery. But anyways since I don't know exactly how they are saving the battery life or battery damage, I am not commenting more on this. But 0 to 100 is happening in less than 30 mins. 7. Good back cover along with product. 8. Good audio. Fast and smooth swipe and screen refresh. 9. IAM not a gamer but games are extra smooth compared to other phones, credits for 855+ and 12GB 10. Fingerprint is fast. CONS: 1. Bad design 2. Worst button placement for volume and power. 3. While pressing power volume getting presssed because volume button is opposite to power button. Same issue while pressing volume button also. And unnecessary a lot screenshots are getting taken due to this issue. A very bad interaction design. 4. Screen auto rotate always getting rotated to landscape while using it in bed since there will be very small angle. Generally a small angle bend ss putting the screen to landscape while is too irritating and annoying which is forcing me to turn off the rotation. 5. Colour Os is not up to the mark. 6. The most worst thing is, while holding phone, getting unnecessary clicks and touches because of inappropriate volume and power button positions. These buttons are on middle of both sides of the phone. 7. Worried about extra fast charging and I am using my old 2A charger for daily normal night charging because I don't want to take risk of battery life reduction due to over fast charging by compromising the battery life in long run. So they should have given an option in phone settings to switch to normal slow charging to extend battery life for few years. Updating reviews after few more days of usage: __--------__ I am getting too many wrong screenshot and wrong button press since both volume and power are on exact opposite side. If I am pressing power automatically opposite volume is getting presssed along with it and taking screenshots even in lock screen. Very irritating.
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  • Close your eyes n go for it 🔥💕
    Ankur777 (Mar 16, 2020) on Amazon
    Using since it was launched .... smooth phone flagship product in mid range budget close your eyes n go for it 🔥🔥
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  • Worth every penny
    Kartik Maguwala (Mar 9, 2020) on Flipkart
    Definitely value for money phone. Prefer x2 pro over OnePlus 7t.
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    Livy T. (Aug 15, 2020) on Amazon
    Too good
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  • For realme X2 pro
    Mohit Sharma (Mar 3, 2020) on Amazon
    This is best mobile under 30K . Beast camera , beast performance and super VOCC charger (30 watt ) output
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  • Simply awesome
    Ashutosh Chauhan (Dec 31, 2019) on Flipkart
    The Real Flagship Pros: Fastest charging ever -100% in 35 minutes Processor is powerful High speed RAM Display is butter smooth Battery backup is very good. And the list goes on. Cons: Not many, it's just finger print scanner works slow sometime need to apply finger twice thrice to unlock Overall 9 out of 10 for this flagship smartphone. Also a real powerful flagship smartphone in budget price. Thumbs up if found this review helpful or you agree with this review.
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  • Wow
    Venkatesh Patil (Mar 4, 2020) on Amazon
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  • Superb!
    Kindle Customer (Feb 22, 2020) on Amazon
    Superb specs, usage experience and value at this price. Buying the 12GB/256GB version at this price is hard to beat. The phone looks and feels premium, is super quick and is fully loaded. And it really charges to 100% in 30 mins flat.
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  • Very nice
    Severina (Jun 7, 2020) on Amazon
    Excellent mobile. Go for it very powerful product. With excellent performance..
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  • Amazing
    Srikanth Bathini (Dec 9, 2019) on Amazon
    I really found this piece amazing.5/5 for the fast charge,RAM and superscreen.Compared to OnePlus it is definitely worth buying.
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  • Definitely worth investment...
    Amit Pawar (Jan 19, 2020) on Amazon
    All main features like fingerprint scanner, battery and camera are the best at this price.1. Fingerprint ScannerJust super fast, just touched and unlocked2. Battery LifeToo good. Always more than 24hrs. Including 5hrs screen time including 1hr of gaming.3. Camera QualityBest one I seen till now. 20x zoom is amazing. 64mp is really crisp. No blurry images at all.4. SuperVooc chargingIn hurry and no battery? Don't worry just 15min and you are at 65% charged already and it will last for more than 12hrs.5. 12GB RAMYou will always have almost 7GB RAM available after optimization. In Games like PUBG there is always 4GB available even in UltraHD mode.6. Refresh Rate of 90HzDefinitely the best, 0 lags crisp clarity no harms to eyes and satisfaction.Considering the price offered vs features it's really as good investment rather worth investigating in early 2020.
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  • Good phone, in the price sensitive market
    Madhusudan Sohani (Oct 2, 2020) on Amazon
    It's a good phone. The charger is superb. 0 to 100% charge in 25 minutes. The battery lasts more than 24 hours if moderately used. I wish it had a C type to USB attachment to directly copy files to a pen-drive. The Samsung attachment which I have does not work with this phone. It was a walkdown for me from Galaxy Note 9 to this phone. But it's only by price. By features, except S pen, which is absent, rest is excellent.
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  • Realme
    Amazon Customer (Jul 2, 2020) on Amazon
    This is very good phone having good features in the segment
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  • amnt is very heigh
    Prasad (Oct 10, 2020) on Amazon
    very heigh amntcamera is okapp lock isuses some timesdisplay is suprb 90hz refrsh rate 50wats chrger is suprb with in 0 to 100% in time 25min
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  • Amazon Delivery need to rectify
    Suvayan (Aug 12, 2020) on Amazon
    Delivery was not up to the mark as of Amazon... Delivery got delayed by 1day but no information was well as delivery agent was pathetic...Prime Members are not getting any facilities.Rest product is really nice...value for money
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  • Awesome phone
    KDA RAJESH (Jun 5, 2020) on Amazon
    Okay this phone has impeccable performance and for those wondering if it is better than one plus I have an answer that it is very subjective, performance wise the one plus has a very slight edge because of their refined software but other wise they are at par.The other factors depend on your requirement if you want super fast charging and longer battery the x2 pro is better if you want a little sleeker and a little lighter phone the one plus is better.But one thing I can tell you if you are expecting a days worth of battery this phone can deliver it very easily but at the cost of light gaming only .due to the high performance GPU and cpu the power demand is high because of which the 4k mah batter won't last you a full day if you are a hardcore gamer but that is compensated by its super fast charging like 30 mins and you are at 100%.The phone is a great purchase.
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  • Every one have this phone
    Abu Darda (Jun 1, 2020) on Amazon
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  • Awesome phone ever
    Vikrant Patil (Mar 6, 2020) on Amazon
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  • i like it....
    Prashant Sawant (Jul 13, 2020) on Amazon
    very nice product.....
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  • Best performance
    Mrityunjay Mishra (Aug 14, 2020) on Amazon
    One of the best phone i have ever seen at this price point 👍👍
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  • How will I return the product or replace the charger..?
    Arun (Jun 10, 2020) on Amazon
    Everything was fine until today when I plug in to charge.. I purchased the product yesterday and today the charger is not working..
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  • Awsm product too happy
    Hanish Sharma (Feb 29, 2020) on Amazon
    It's awesome as expected loved it condition is also good
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