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Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile with 4.50-inch 768x1280 display powered by 1.5GHz dual-core processor alongside 2GB of RAM and 41-megapixel rear camera.

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  • Excellent camera phone in the market, Just Awesomeeeeeee to use it....Lovinggggggggggggggg it
    Gopi Krishna Gunda (May 8, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    The way I use a camera got changed after taking this phone, I had never touched my powershot camera after taking this phone, this tellas how I am loving the camera here and obviously windows is more stable.....Looking for more updates with windows
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  • I agree, a 5 Star rating
    Richard Campbell (Nov 3, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    The Nokia 1020 is as advertised. A great phone; great performance, great results. Why people bought it for such a high price I don't know. My phone was half of what your site lists. So great deal and a great phone. Performance plus; If I take a picture and show it to other people, they are amazed at the quality. Every time. This phone is the best phone I have run across in years. 5 Star
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  • The Beast is BACK!
    Praful Yadav (May 5, 2014) on Gadgets 360
    It all goes back to 2012 when the pureview 808 was launched...the fact that it ran on the so called outdated symbian platform that piece didnt take up well...but the 1020 is an amazing combo of the 41 mps. of the 808 and the benchmark low light photography and the OIS of the predecessor 920...seems like nokia's endeavour is showing fruit now;)...anyways...the device is an excellent masterpiece of hardware and optics. #has six carl zeiss lenses for the perfect photography unlike the five of 808. #The sensor format is 1/1.5? and it is up to five times larger than typical smartphone sensors.which means par excellent results in capturing the detail. #The BSI sensor is quite handy when it comes to the matter of low light photography...and comparisons show that 920 and 1020 are best for the same than iphone 5s,htc one and xperia z. #Interestingly when you capture using 5 mp resolution,the original 34 or the 38 mp image is also saved by default so that you can see the full pic anytime! #A powerful xenon flash to freeze the moments...and there are various options too where you can customize the working of video light with flash for focus. #Needless to say about the lossless zoom [upto 3.6x in 5mp stills and upto 6x for 720p video!] #All these daunting specs in a 10.7 mm sleek device...unlike the s4 zoom which is tooo bulky!![over 15 mm] #Though it's a polycarbonate unibody it has got the most premium finish unlike samsung! --- Now after going through this people might think that why not to buy an SLR for 20 or 30k instead of spending 49k over a phone for camera!! lol...well its a matter of personal taste...i believe that moments dont tell us before they come into action...we always have a phone in our pocket...we wont prefer a camera putting beside us all time right..??so this is where a cell phone helps to capture special moments! Still...its not android or iOS...its a windows phone...less customization and after spending 49k if you ain't gonna regret over it then surely this is your phone...!
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  • Best camera ever!
    Jamppa Björg (Jan 30, 2017) on Gadgets 360 Recommends
    It is a bit slow, but the pure image quality from the ~40Mpix sensor is superior. Much better than any other cameraphone, including modern smartphones. And this thing is so old! Where is the development? Only premium compact cameras are better, and DSLRs of course.
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  • CAmera Is BEsT QUalIty
    Dylanc Game (Oct 6, 2016) on Gadgets 360
    This phone is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap camera is only reason to buy. I only bought this phone to pull out sexy camera. i no speak englese so forgive my frenc
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  • NOKIA 1020
    Ram Mhatre (Jan 6, 2018) on Gadgets 360
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  • Great camera and works well in other aspects too!
    Kalle Saastamoinen (Jun 12, 2015) on Gadgets 360
    It seems that even if this phone has a camera that is so good that it is totally incomparable to any other intelligent phones in the market is has been putted a side in marketing or those Windows/Nokia marketing guys are really sorry loosers. Anyway this phone works well in all other aspects what I need I mean I read my emails, update my Facebook, share pictures, browse Internet and read local newspapers really smoothly.
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  • wowwwwww
    Amazon Customer (Nov 17, 2016) on Amazon
    Better cell ever....ntg better than lumia
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  • lumia 1020
    Umarohit (Jul 19, 2014) on Amazon
    awesome phone with super cool features..... sensitive on touch and high on performance... I m getting addicted to it amazing
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  • A really good upgrade from previous Lumia 720
    Ali S. (Nov 4, 2016) on Amazon
    A really good upgrade from previous Lumia 720. Features usually work smooth. Battery weak. Last only about 12 to 15hrs with 3usage.
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  • The cellphone is good, but...
    Heike Hildebrand (Nov 28, 2013) on Amazon
    I can't reach "" with my phone, it will not accept my password, and even changing password, and even set back the whole phone did not match the problem. (A high quality expert who has a shop for computers and cellphones and who is a friend of mine worked four hours without being able to solve that problem.) So, I am not content, even if all other things are wery nice working.
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