Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro Resolution Is Not 4K: Report

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro Resolution Is Not 4K: Report
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro resolution is 1920x2160
  • This has been deduced from the latest gameplay trailer
  • It could change at launch

Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) for PS4 and Xbox One has an October 26 release date. In the run up to this, we've seen several trailers for Rockstar's open-world Wild West adventure. The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer showed off a generous amount of gameplay on the PS4 Pro. So much so that video game tech analysis site, Digital Foundry has been able to piece together Red Dead Redemption 2's PS4 Pro resolution. Spoiler alert: it's not 4K. Rather, it's a 12.5 per cent increase over 1440p - a more regular number we see on PS4 Pro supported titles.

"Rockstar provided us with a pristine, 68mbps version of the trailer to take a look at - and there's no doubt that those vast landscapes are flattered by the 4K output, but there's more to the story here. Looking close at each cut in the edit indicates PS4 Pro natively runs at 1920x2160, halving the pixel count on the horizontal axis from a proper 4K," a report from the site claims.

And while some might feel shortchanged by the lack of pixels, there maybe some advantages to this approach.


"This 1920x2160 setup has other benefits, specifically that the fact it's scaling only in one direction means a cleaner division of pixels. Based on what this trailer's showing - and it couldchange by launch - it's a more effective way to project this massive world to ultra HD TVs. And to put it another way, presuming the base PS4 version runs at 1920x1080, PS4 Pro makes is using its 2.4x boost in GPU power by simply doubling the resolution. That potentially leaves a shade of GPU headroom for other effects, or even a smoother frame-rate if that's a problem on regular hardware. But again, there are a lot of 'ifs' here, and we'll need to see what the score is in October."

It will be interesting to see what the Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One X resolution is, more so considering the beefed up specifications of Microsoft's console.

As for the Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay trailer itself, it was completely captured in-game at 4K and did a fantastic job of showing off what you can expect when the game hits with slick lighting, effects, and highly-detailed character models backed up by fluid animations and convincing voice acting.

Your gang is important. So much so that that the gang has to rob, steal and fight across America in order to survive. As divisions threaten to tear the gang apart, Arthur Morgan must make a choice between his own ideals and loyalty to the gang who raised him. You can take on missions for the gang or share your loot with them or simply hang around for some added exposition. Not all gang interactions are mandatory though, so if you prefer doing your own thing, you can go ahead and do that too. Furthermore, you can talk your way out of or into trouble as well as earn the respect or hatred of the game's many non-playable characters (NPCs) which could impact its plot.

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