Final Fantasy XV Tips and Tricks

Final Fantasy XV Tips and Tricks
  • Final Fantasy XV is out on November 29
  • With smart use of the Ascension system, progression is easy
  • Camps and food also make your journey through Final Fantasy XV smooth

Final Fantasy XV's out now. We managed to get an early copy of the game, and in our Final Fantasy XV review we stated that it’s a return to form for a series that’s had trying times. There are some changes to the mechanics in this installment, and a few things that you really need to keep in mind when you're playing. Here are five handy tips and tricks to get you started on your Final Fantasy XV journey.

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1. Final Fantasy XV rusted bits may be cheap but they’re valuable
Early on, you'll be asked to find a rusted bit. It is an in-game item that is of low value if you trade it in for Gil at stores, but is tremendously versatile. You can use it to upgrade one of Noctis’ key weapons, the Engine Blade. You can find rusted bits in Keycatrich Trench, Greyshire Glacial Grotto, Fociaugh Hollow, Balouve Mines, and Galdin Quay — areas you visit during the course of the story. They can also be found in outposts like the Taelpar Rest Area and the Prairie Outpost. Keep an eye out for them if you’re looking to max out the Engine Blade.


2. Make use of the inns and camps you find
The open-world of Final Fantasy XV is replete with many an inn and camps to discover. They’re useful as they let you level up your characters. Camps allow you to cook dishes that buff your stats considerably, giving you more powerful attacks, more health, or letting you earn more experience points. Don’t feel like cooking? Diners are also present, allowing you to buy food to let you buff your characters up for a price. It would be wise to make use of these when you can, to strengthen your crew during the journey.

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3. Final Fantasy XV at night is tough
At night, tougher monsters such as the Iron Giant are on the prowl. This makes travelling when the sun sets an arduous task. But if you’re up for it and are carrying enough potions and elixirs, you can get past these beasts and earn a wealth of experience points, making it worth the risk.

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4. Use Libra and magic at the start of the battle
Libra is a skill that tells you your enemy’s weakness and strengths. Use it at the beginning of a fight to gain an edge. Most foes have an elemental weaknesses which can be used to your advantage, such as mechanical soldier being averse to lightning magic, and creatures of ice being susceptible to fire magic. Since magic in Final Fantasy XV can hurt your party, you’re best of using it at the start of a battle, before you get up close. Even if you don’t have magic, most enemies are also weak against specific weapons such as daggers, great swords, or javelins. The use of Libra ensures that you have a better chance in such scenarios.

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FFXV wait mode

5. Final Fantasy XV’s Ascension system makes levelling up easy
As you progress through the game you’ll earn Ability Points or AP. You can use AP to further Noctis’ skills or specific attributes of your party such as health and attack prowess in the Ascension skill tree. Delve further and you’ll find a tab labelled as Exploration. Here you can use AP you already have, to let you gain more AP and experience points by doing run of the mill activities, such as discovering camp locations, driving from one area to another, or cooking specific dishes. It’s a useful way to level up as you play.

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6. Final Fantasy XV Oracle coins can be traded in for rare items
As you play, you’ll come across Oracle coins. These can be traded in for rare items such as Megalixirs — which let you max out your team’s health and magic points. You can trade them in at Magho, a bar in the town of Altissia, to get powerful items to help you breeze past some of the game’s tougher segments. Don't miss out on these, as they can turn the tide on some tough battles.


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