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1 Reply Last update 24 Dec, 2020
The people who are interested in bitcoins or want to try their luck in bitcoin investment want to know that can bitcoin keep themselves safe from Financial Crisis? Well, the answer is Yes. During the expected Covid Pandemic when the world economy is shrinking and the global economy in recession time after the 2nd world war, the Crypto market was on its boom and proven itself as the best currency of the world.Bitcoin jumped above $23,000 to a three-year high recently as a growing number of investors backed it as an alternative to other assets. As the ban lifted by the Supreme court, investors take their look at the bitcoin investments and its long-term benefits. “The virus crisis is propagating the reassessment of bitcoin,” “There is a reassessment about its value here as an alternative currency as an alternative to gold.” said an analyst at JPMorgan Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou Many people around the world choosing bitcoin investments because of its massive success. Now bitcoin exchange has become very easy. People can exchange bitcoin in Indian currency as well. So if you're interested in bitcoins, choose the right crypto wallet and start earning bitcoins.
1 Reply Last update 21 Dec, 2020
Hello friends, If you are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or any other gadget, You already know about the Blue Light. It is very dangerous for our eyes. It makes us blind. Many people affected by the Blue Light and lost thier eyes. To save your eyes from Blue Light, Please use 3 Layer Protection when using a gadget.
1 Reply Last update 21 Dec, 2020
I have a question, What is tactic engine?
24 Jun, 2020
Although the year 2020 started in very ups & downs, we all locked inside our home, and the world has been drastically impacted by the COVID-19 Virus. Its time to save humanity and your love once. So, stay quarantine, avoid gatherings. Now, let’s get back to Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Note 20. What do you think about Samsung unveiling a foldable or note series smartphone?
23 Jun, 2020
With the present scenario, online education seems to be the for keeps for a long time. Wanted to know devices, gadgets for children and adults for minimum eye strain. I researched a little. There are are a few monitors Available like Asus, benq, and viewsonic. There are also 3M glare screen and special computer glasses for less eye strain. now my question is the price difference is huge between the asus monitor screen and the computer glasses and the 3M screen but which is most effective in reducing the eye strain. Your advice is crucial
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18 Apr, 2020
It is important that you secure your application in order to enable users to use the application in their daily lives. As a mobile app development company this will only benefit you at establishing a higher positioning in the market. And not just that, several different mobile app development company strive to secure their applications specifically to add credibility to their services. Which is an effective method to retain customers and build loyalty. Giving you all reasons to focus on securing your application. What are the few methods to secure an application, can you suggest a few?
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29 Jan, 2020
Mediatek processors are doing great in the market. Do you think in the upcoming years they would surpass Snapdragon processors?
05 Apr, 2017
It's been pleasure that will foreseen India into Artificial Intelligence(AI). A lot has to research and things to happen in India furter more. " “As India undergoes rapid digital transformation, the data centre and the intelligence behind the data collected will enable the government and industry to make effective decisions based on algorithms," said Prakash Mallya, " read more about here
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1 Reply Last update 24 Aug, 2020
Hi All I seen a new gadget or some fashion wear like woolen warm up coat. But it's too funny to see and watch that these people using in Public. It's for privacy while we working. In order to not get disturbed by others we can use this. But I'm crazy after seeing this what do you say guys express some of your thoughts on it. see that gadget Here
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1 Reply Last update 29 Oct, 2020
As a president how you describe the donald trump. Is this good for India.
1 Reply Last update 27 Oct, 2016
Dear Sir, I have ordered few day before a mobile through Gudget 360. the order number is OB9D980E8E2C563F33. my contact no is 9413711445. kindly provide the current status & expted date of delivery. regards manish
General Discussion
09 Sep, 2016
We provide the best non medical services for disabled and senior citizens. Gary Ferone, franchise owner of Assisting Hands Home Care helps seniors and disabled people to provide the home health care services in Stamford, Connecticut. Gary Ferone believes Health is very important in life.
General Discussion
13 Aug, 2016
Here I can say few things in short here why?? The growing trend of buying Smartwatches reveals the changing consumer behaviour. World’s technology giants like Apple, Garmin, Vivoactive, Samsung Gear etc. have introduced their own smartwatches to club with their smartphones or other compatible devices. As stated by the director of AndroidWear, David Singleton, in the next 50 years of time everyone would learn to live a life with wearable technology and all of us would be living like this. The rising demandof smartwatches has immersed with the growing need of consumers. People demand a gadget which can keep them accountable, and fitness monitors are a bonus for most. This leads them to invest in wearable devices like Fitness bands and Smartwatches. Smartwatches are quiet useful because of their versatile features. They have different apps that can be very useful while working outdoors, travelling, workouts etc. Somecarry a camera which stays on the strap of the watch to take pictures with ease. Smartwatches are now available forAndroid, Windows and iOS platforms, which are the most popularoperating systems for smartphones here are few more words saying about it here Share more aspects as you want which upgraded features in smart watch or expecting in it to have. Here..
04 Aug, 2016
Is moto g4 plus applicable for jio sim...and what about its imei no.
03 Aug, 2016
Mobile phones are the most user-friendly and easily affordable communication devices. The whereabouts of a person are know with it . Mobile application development has occupied a major portion in today's technological advancements ranging from voice communication to Internet of things(IoT). Many entreprenuers have choosen to invest in a mobile app development company, as it has surpassed the growth curve of industries. Android app development and iOS app development are the major share holders of the mobile app development market around the globe.
General Discussion
31 Jul, 2016
Sir i want ti know that what theproblemcomes when we use out of india phone means exported there anytechnical issue.....and from which country phone is saudi,china,canada,Australia. ....plz help me sir....
26 Jul, 2016
I've a TV with only HDMI out put. My sound bar accepts only HDMI ARC input. There's also an optical cable input in the sound bar but not in the TV. How do i fix the issue.
23 Jul, 2016
Sir I read on net net that redmi note 3 got jio preview. And I successfully generate jio code when I go to express mini store they refuse to give me jio sim they told me that we don't have any confirmation from jio to give jio sim to redmi note 3. so sir please please help me about this. And tell redmi note 3note is getting jio sim is official or not. Thank you.
02 Jul, 2016
Did virtual gear or google cardboard gear supports all the android smartphones?
28 Jun, 2016
When I purchased Le 1s, I was promised free membership of Le Eco club for one year. I have been waiting for nearly one and a half months and making a number of telephone calls and half a dozen e-mails, nothing seems to be happening. Moreover, the LEVID app stops responding every few minutes . Even though this has been reported to Le without any remedy. All I am told is that the matter has been referred to the appropriate team and that they will revert to me. Need to know, if anybody else is also facing the same problem anf if so how have they managed to resolve it.
16 Jun, 2016
When there will be availability of gold variant in India? 
08 Jun, 2016
When can we expect Xiaomi Televisions in india?
05 Jun, 2016
HI guys, I have a Lenovo A7000,Recently updated the OS to Marshmallow (6.0). Now my Question is,If i Factory Reset the phone,Will it be running on Stack 5.0 or it will have the 6.0
01 Jun, 2016
I brought Samsung Z1 Gold 4GB on  9th May 2016. i Made the payment of Rs 4300 with my Credit Card. On Delivery , as it was not the piece i wanted , i returned it back and customer care said that money will be refunded within 7-10 working days. its been 20 days and still the refund has not been processed . i am very upset with the gadget 360 service. please look into the matter at earliest. my Order reference nor wa 0062f4c8fd758cad99.
28 May, 2016
Hi. Acer One 10 S1002-15XR seems to be good option for people looking out for 2 in 1 (Tablet cum Laptop PC). I was not able to find any review of this product (except for the older Acer One 10 that was 1 GB ram model) I would like Gadget 360 team to cover the following points apart from what you do usually cover 1) Performance as per laptop 2) Performace (including gaming) as a Windows tablet. 3) The processor here is Intel Atom coupled with 2 GB of Ram. Its performance comaprision with laptops using 3rd generation i3 proceesor (with 2/3 GB RAM) 4) Also confirm if the HDMI port of this device can be engaged/ connected to a compatible TV while charging at the same time. Please consider the following request. Thanks, Sachin.
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