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Looking for the perfect camera app for your smartphone, or have you come up with the most masterful productivity hacks? Talk about that here, along with price drops and deals on apps, or tips to get the most value from your subscriptions!
Usage of mobile apps around the world are frequently increases as the time passes. Yes, mobile app is the most amazing areas explore by the creatures. In seconds, millions of people downloaded and avail the fascinating mobile features. According to me, app developers must create app like snapchat. Camera on phone is the older and non-trending impression for people now a days, they want more picture filters, sounds, music’s in background and much more! Which mobile app like snapchat is fully understand and make the app user friendly through their more innovative ideas continuously. Are you agree with this statement or not?
08 Sep, 2020
Does anyone know where to supply gb whatsapp latest version 2020?
28 Aug, 2020
Sir i have a redmi k20 running MiUi Will i have any performance issues if i update to MiUi 12? Because some updates tend to slow phones. Pls help me in this issue. Thanks in advance.
Can anyone please help me understand if there is a proper whatsapp app that can be used for video calls on LTE/4G tablets from Samsung and iPads. WhatsApp needs a sim and these tablets do have a sim so I am a bit puzzled. Best, S
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02 Mar, 2020
The Android10 update for the mi A3 was released on Mar1 2020, but some users are facing issues that after the update was received and ready to install it went missing. I myself reached to Mi Coustmer care and they confirmed that because of bugs the update is being rolled back
It allows searching the related videos and download them with an appropriate resolution with the device memory. Tubemate also allows other purposes like web surfing or playing video games while downloading. tubemate for android is one of the applications that provide the fastest download speed in the world today. With tubemate for android it is very easy for you to own a favorite video, simply search for your favorites, click download then select the suitable resolution. tubemate for android is improved with many great features for you to explore. These features on tubemate for android - Support Download free for Android - Video downloaded have varied resolutions suitable for your phone - Quick loading, simple, easy to use - Quality HD or full-resolution HD - Compact size, not consuming the machine's memory - Convert to MP3 (powered by MP3 Converter) - Save videos to the list of your favorite on you tube - Automatically download when a network connection - Search for any videos on youtube - Moderate loads can just surf the web, visit the facebook, .. - Easily share videos with others via gmail, facebook, Zalo, ... These premium features are out of expectation in serving entertainment purposes for users. You have tubemate for android yet? If not please update your settings right now to have moments of great discovery experience. Wish you watch the videos with fun. Download now:
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Ardent art lovers would always love to get painted their portrait on canvas, but that could be expensive. But no worries, here is an amazing image editor fun app Prisma, where you can instantly get your Picasso style effect to your image. Prisma was developed by a mobile app development company Prisma Labs Inc. Features: Pros Cropping and Rotation: Users can crop their video and upload the desired part of your original image. Circular arrows are displayed in the app for 90 degrees image rotation. Blending Filters: Instead of applying filters on the existing image, this app reconstructs the image from ground up. Features: Cons Performance and Speed: Relatively slow. Updates: Split screen features Pictures can be cropped after applying effect.
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09 Aug, 2016
By integrating your Android apps with the Google Play Services, you can access Google services, such as Maps, Drive, and Google+. Once you have your apps set up to use these services, accessing them is typically straightforward. The setup process does require a few steps, but you only need to carry them out once. In this tutorial we will go through the process of integrating Google Play Services with Android apps. IntroductionThroughout the tutorial, we will outline what you need to do to integrate apps with Play Services in both Eclipse and Android Studio. You will need access to the Google Developer Console and to the Keytool utility.Once you are set up with Play Services, the development process itself will be determined by what you want your apps to do. The the setup procedure, however, remains the same. By using the client library to access platform services, your apps will benefit from automatic updates through the Play Store.
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09 Aug, 2016
Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play. This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location based services. Google Play services also enhances your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences. Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services.
Android 7.0 Nougat is the latest version operating system released by Google for portable devices like mobile phones, tablets, phablets and smart watches. The stand-out features of this new version's android app development include: Split screen display mode to run two apps side-by-side. Multi-window mode Seamless automatic system updates Bundled single-app notifications. New data saver toggle. Adjustable keyboard. Open-JDK based Java environment. Vulkan Graphics support for rendering API. Google’s operating system is totally acceptable by every end-user for it’s highly flexible functional features and for it’s friendly user version names.
Hey I've seen one power bank named PTron Bravado power bank which is having Li-ion batteries insted of :LI-ion batteries, And realy What all avail in markt are LI-ion batteries including mobile batteries. What's best things in polymor battery, Why any other brands like mi, lenovo, anker, ambrane all doesn't have polymor battery. What's difference in LI-ion and Li-polymor power banks
Hey Guys, today at 6am when i opened pokemon go it was showing no pokemon nearby pokestops or gym... It will be nice if u guys can say what is up with poke go in your area.... you can check this link for official release date and time of Pokemon Go in India
Hello guys, I'd like to share one application we made. Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacy with password, pattern, fingerprint lock.  Applock Aurora allows you to set numeric password or pattern lock to lock individual apps preventing snooper or intruders from accessing or enabling information you want keep private. Play Store Link:     With Applock Aurora: Never worry about a friend borrows your phone to play games with mobile data again! Never worry about a workmate gets your phone to look the gallery again! Never worry about someone reads private data in your apps again! Never worry about kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, paying games again!   Apps you want lock include: -System settings -Call log -Text messages (SMS) -Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat etc. -Contacts Features of applock password & pattern: -Private image: hide and encrypt your private photos. Lock them with password lock or pattern lock -Private video: Hide and encrypt your private videos. Lock them with password as PIN code or pattern -Lock cover: Disguise your lock screen as something else like calculator, weather, Clock. Force Close & Finger Print screen cover to confuse snoopers or intruders. -Prevent uninstall: After you enable Advanced Security feature, others are unable to delete this applock password & pattern without your permission. This can better protect your privacy and secret. Hope you will like it Thanks a lot!!!!!
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Smart phones are ruling the world with their advanced and infused new technologies with the use of mobile application development. The advent of android app development and iOS app development made intelligent portable devices to leverage end-to-end mobile solutions. Mobile applications made wide explosion of information accessing and retrival of data, images and videos. Mobile apps are of two types: native and hybrid. User interfaces of mobile phones are implemented using either native or hybrid app mobile technology.
24 Jun, 2016
I want to Buy any cloud base biometric software?
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For those who deal with SEO and blogging, Google panda and Google penguin should not be something new to them. Ever since these updates were introduced, there has been strong buzz on how to develop the perfect search engine optimization plan, so that websites have their dues in rankings. Moving forward, here is a close take Panda and penguin, the two most discussed Google updates, and the difference between the two.What is Google PandaGoogle launched Panda in February 2011, mainly as a change in its search results ranking algorithm. The main purpose of the update was just to keep those low quality and low content sites away from the top ranking results and give the actual quality sites their due.As an obvious result, many websites with huge amount of advertising, or those with low quality content, saw a huge decline in the rankings. Ever since Panda was launched, there have been many updates to it ranging to over 22 in total.What is Google PenguinAnother algorithm update from Google that gave SEO experts another blow was Penguin that was launched in April 2012. The idea underlying the update was simple enough- penalize and decrease the rankings of sites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines set the by the search engine.This included lowering the search engine rankings of all those sites that practice black-hat SEO techniques like duplicate content, keyword stuffing and cloaking to name a
02 Jun, 2016
I have updated  to marshmallow  on my lenovo vibe p1 . After updation my internet  is not working but showing signal. I am using idea /mtnl 3g
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25 May, 2016
HI all,  Have you ever asked your self what are the various parameters considered every time we are trying to take a small or big decision on our daily life? What if there was a way to help us make better decisions for products we aim to buy or the things we do? The answer is simpler than you think. Our decisions are based on only a few simple parameters like price, quality, demand, value and our friends' influence. Actually, these parameters affect more than 80% of the decisions we make every day. We are happy to announce a new free app for that. Demalis is a highly intelligent but easy to use online tool that will help you take the best decisions, based on what is really important to you/ At the moment Demalis is in early beta. We are providing significant motivations and benefits of the 1000 people that will join us on the early beta. After the first 1000 subscriptions we will close subscriptions for evaluation and testing. So what are you waiting for. Join for free Demalis and start taking important decisions for your life. Happy Decisions! Why Join demalis?   Our beta members will get extra rewards and benefits when Demalis is launch Listed on Demalis Founding members section Get premium access to our new features and impress your friends Enjoy early access to a new growing community Help us launch a tool that will make our lifes easier
Customer engagement is the by-word now as more and more mobile phone manufacturers are training their skills towards this feature. Mobile phones have made life easy while being engaged in a train or a long journey. Mobile applications has occupied that space with its vast innovation into android app development and ios app development. Virtual reality and augmented reality are the latest observations of mobile application development by taking the user experiences into new heights in the field of visualisation. Mobile apps are of two types: native and hybrid. User interfaces of mobile phones are implemented using either native or hybrid app mobile technology. Both offer reliable and responsive user experiences. Mobile app developers dwell to the minutest details of the idea and build the most sensible and intuitive UI's.  
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30 Apr, 2016
Google chrome Store is very useful to us and after launch it may too fanced to we discussed about 5 best google chrome extension by google official.which is improve your experience ..Look Out Here...1.Earth View from Google EarthUser view:Get Your Every Tab In Amzing and intersting Mode2.Google Similar PagesUser view:Its very helpful to find similiar search3.Data SaverUser view:Data Saver is great extension by which we compress or save the data.4.Personal BlocklistUser view:It’s very useful extension for preventing from spam.5.Share to ClassroomUser Review:Its very useful for student,Mostly for sharing,WOW
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After Apple’s Probe now whatsapp have owm issue with indian govt now.Here WhatsApp could have accidentally entered into troubled waters here in India by enabling its end-to-end encryption for all. The new security feature by WhatsApp is not what is required by the Indian telecom rules and WhatsApp could face a ban, if the rules are not matched with.ReasonWhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption:Chat service means that WhatsApp or anyone else will not be able to crack open its contents. Only the sender and the recipient are able to read the encrypted data. WhatsApp uses a 256-bit key for encryption of all chat messages, which is only known to the sender and the recipient.
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Oukitel are currently developing Android 6.0 Marshmallow for the K10000. After the launch of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, big brands started working on the development immediately. And some small Chinese smartphone brands kept announcing that they will release the update. However, just a few brands kept their words. It's glad to see that Oukitel keeps the promise and devote the sources to deliver better user experience. They released a short video shows that the K10000 is running Marshmallow. Customers will get the Android 6.0 update via OTA soon as the engineers are optimizing the ROM. Check out the Android 6.0 hands on video: Marshmallow updates for Oukitel K6000 and K6000 pro are also around the corner. Hopefully, the owners will receive the updates this month and get a taste of the Marshmallow. 10001146_1702235406722791_2608488504606654463_o.jpg2048x1365 233 KB 12819378_1702235403389458_4199842138569765002_o.jpg2048x1365 225 KB 12841359_1702235400056125_9062048488810481752_o.jpg2048x1365 236 KB
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Power managerSetting the power saving modeThis feature helps the user to save the battery power depending upon the mode of operation the user is doing, User can choose one among the following modes :-• Ultra Mode: - which keeps only the call and message functions available and disables all other features light BT, WiFi , Data, flash light which helps in saving the battery power.• Smart Mode: - Automatically adjusts the CPU and network usage for balance performance , make sure that network apps are optimized for better battery performance.• Normal Mode: - for on line video and gaming purpose, this helps in turning of the network optimization if any for hassle free user experience.
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Hello..........could you tell me about the HERE MAPS. i mean is it good or bad or what ? if we compare it with google maps , what u say ?
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Help Required. How to download paid books from play store for free?reply fast.

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