Please help me in buying a good laptop!

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Hello, everyone!

I want to buy a laptop but as there are so many laptops around I am confused what to choose exactly. Before buying a laptop, I was making myself aware with some of the new tech which is evolving these days.

I found, SSDs are a great help if I am looking for a laptop which does things fast. So, I have curated a list of specifications that my laptop should include -


- 14 or 15-inch HD screen. i5 processor. 4GB RAM 512GB SSD. Windows 10

installed. A good graphics card,(I need a good one, possibly from

NVIDIA or whatever you prescribe) - I have lesser knowledge in this

area. good camera, may be HD, 720p. USB Type- C, USB 3.0 port, HDMI


My budget is 45,000 INR (around $500-$650).

Please help as soon as possible as my current laptop is really slow and I need a replacement.

By Pankaj Kumar
Created On: Jul 17, 2016 04:24 PM

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