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HI all, 

Have you ever asked your self what are the various parameters considered every time we are trying to take a small or big decision on our daily life?

What if there was a way to help us make better decisions for products we aim to buy or the things we do?

The answer is simpler than you think. Our decisions are based on only a few simple parameters like price, quality, demand, value and our friends' influence. Actually, these parameters affect more than 80% of the decisions we make every day.

We are happy to announce a new free app for that. Demalis is a highly intelligent but easy to use online tool that will help you take the best decisions, based on what is really important to you/

At the moment Demalis is in early beta. We are providing significant motivations and benefits of the 1000 people that will join us on the early beta. After the first 1000 subscriptions we will close subscriptions for evaluation and testing.

So what are you waiting for. Join for free Demalis and start taking important decisions for your life.

Happy Decisions!

Why Join demalis?
  • Our beta members will get extra rewards and benefits when Demalis is launch
  • Listed on Demalis Founding members section
  • Get premium access to our new features and impress your friends
  • Enjoy early access to a new growing community
  • Help us launch a tool that will make our lifes easier
By sofia
Created On: May 25, 2016 06:24 PM

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