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Suryadeva Kumar
Earlier, Nokia was the number one dominant cellphone maker but couldn’t make its impression in the world of smartphones, but further chose Microsoft's Windows operating system for its "Lumia" range. But couldn’t achieve much success. And finally, abandoned both businesses. See more here for specs and about nokia c6
Suryadeva Kumar
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Mobile World Congress(MWC), World’d Biggest and Most Prominent Exhibition For Mobile Industry.Best Featuring Prominent For mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.Live Coverage on Bornspider.The event, initially named asGSM World Congressand later renamed as the3GSM World Congress, is still often referred to as3GSMor3GSM World.
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General Discussion Mobiles and Tablets
19 Aug, 2016
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Navin Kumar
I have a micromax A120 mobile from last 2 years. Now, Its battery drain very fast. What should i do? Can i replace its 2000 mah battery to a 3000 mah battery? Is it safe for my device and by doing this can i get more battery backup? Please help someone.
Ved Sahu
Hi, I recently bought a Samsung galaxy S7 phone and was travelling to Europe the same day I bought it, 3rd June. After about a week the phone blacked out and stopped working but started working with some minor problems after 10 days.. But when I came back to delhi on 29th of june the touch screen stopped responding. I took the phone to the service centre and after checking it they say that due to liquid damage the phone has stopped working and refused to repair or exchange it under warranty. What should be done in such a situation because the repair cost is 40,000 INR almost as good as a new piece. But my main concern here is how a IP68 rated phone be liquid damage without any proper exposure to water except the general atmospheric moisture and why does the warranty get void in such a case if the company is widely advertising it as a water resistant phone? Please help!
Shreshth Guptaa
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27 Jul, 2016
Mobile discussion
25 Jul, 2016
i purchases xelo era hd phone through this side and face a problem in warrenty condition. i deposit phone in service centre before 2 month. i have not yet get my phone from service till now. please advice me?
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is lenovo vibe k4 note supports only for 4G LTE TDD band 40 or is it supports 4G LTE FDD band 3 (1800mhz) & band 5 (850mhz) , pls help me
jaison joseph
Can anyone suggest me the best mobiles ranges between 10,000 to 20,000 rupees
Prekya P
What are the contenst in the box with Xolo Era 4G
Saurabh Chand
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Hello sir/ mam,  ​​​​​I want to buy a new cell phone and I have a budget of 40,000-50,000 rs.  So I want to know which cell phone is Best??? Last I used iPhone 5s. 
Sahil Bhola
Does lg stylus 2 has gorilla glass  
Heera Amman
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hitoe gjui
General Discussion Mobiles and Tablets
06 Jul, 2016
i ordered a redmi note 3 hard case which i recieved at my home on evening of 30 june. checked it on reaching home at 9.30. found it bent at two spots. didnt use it. after numerous failed attempts to contact the customer support via phone i contacted via online chat support. the support executive said i should mail snapshots of the defective product, its packaging, and the defect. which i yesterday i.e 5-6-16 and i was surprised to read the response i got. clearly mentioned 10 days replacement policy. customer has to initiate a replacement request mentioning the defect and email snapshots in case of physical damage. but in mail and on online support they say we have to report it within 24 hrs to be eligible for replacement.
Nikhil Jain
tis site does not have a proper product return facility. So plz tink n order on tis site anything . 
Menino Lawrence
Any upcoming 4inch smarphones?,Nowdays i find all company manufacturing 5.5 smartphones..looks too big and hold..5 inch smartphones are comfortable but i fee 4inch smartphones will be very handy to use...
Mahesh Balan
Does Lenova Vibe K5 Supports Volte Network
 Honor 5c priced at Rs 10,999 for 2GB variant,Which sports 5.2 inch with gold, silver, and grey color options listed.It has an impressive 13 inch Rear camera and 5 inch Front camera for selfies.Moreover it uses Hisilicon Kirin 650 (4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 2GHz + 4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.7GHz), 16nm process which is lag for Multitasking .So if you are looking for budget smartphones Honor 5c works best.    Check out the more pricing and Specs details here  
Mahesh Balan
Im confused about which smartphone should i buy for photography  Le 2 or Redmi note 3 Anyone there to help me?
Vishal Mishra
28 Jun, 2016
I'm willing to buy a new blackberry mobile though the future of the company is uncertain. so should a invest my money into blackberry ?
Avik Biswas
Any news regarding about Samsung Galaxy C5 Released date in india. That mobile already released in China in may month. In which date India released??
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Good Afternoon,     I wanted know which phone to buy. Redimi Note 3  or Lenovo ZUK Z1 ? Which of them has better camera and which overall beter. Regards Viren Talwar  
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When is A3 2016 model dual sim mobile is going to release in Indian market?
Anupalli Pradeep
Dear team, Is there any word on Mi Band 2? Thanks 'Gru
Gurumoorthy K
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