Is it a right time to buy a 5G smartphone in 2020?

This is my first blog and today I will cover topic on whether you should go for 5G smartphone or stay with 4G smart phone in 2020.
As we all know technology is evolving and there is a great change in technology, First we used 2G network in 90s where speed of data transfer was in KB/s we use to wait a lot of time even to download images or Music later in end of 90s we had got a 3G and we think it is a god's gift where we are able to do data trasfer in MB/s where as later around 2008 4G was launched and we got data transfer speed up to 1 GB/s and now finally we are all set for upcoming 5G network which can give data speeds up to 20 GB/s.
However In today's Evolving Technology everyone wish to stay up to date with latest technology but is it a right time to buy 5G smartphone so today i will let you know in detail below.
Things to check before buying a 5G Smartphone. :-
• Is your country in process to buy a 5G spectrum or already have bought and is in stage to test/launch for public.
• Will your country be supporting 5G bands which currently smartphone are equipped with.
• Are you getting a better deal on buying a 5G smartphone, As many companies are selling smartphones at higher cost in current market Scenario.
• Data rates may also bother as data rates for 5G would be very high at intial stage, So Data rates can also matter to some users.
So after knowing above points now its time to think over it and to decide whether you should buy a 5G smartphone now or you should wait until its launch.
* If you are getting a better deal on smartphone you can take a chance to buy a smartphone if you are looking to buy a new 5G smartphone for now.
* If you have no plan to buy a smartphone for now you can wait until there are more options or until it is launched in your country as it will be more benefited as you can get good specs smartphone at a better price with latest tech which would be trending also it can take more than a year for 5G network to be used by public.
So, Finally after reading this above article you would be finally in a position to decide should you buy a 5G smartphone or you should wait.
Feel free to comment & Ask any queries if you have any.
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By Tech Reviewer
Posted On: Aug 22, 2020 09:08 AM
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