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How To disable write protection in SD card or Pendrive using cmd

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Sometimes Its Necessery to disable write protection then learn here...

1.Connect your write protected SD card to your computer and 2.Start Command Prompt (Admin).
3.Click Yes in the UAC message.
4.Type diskpart and open it(click On Enter).
5.Type list disk and open it. (there, we’ll able to see a list of storage media connected to your computer like your internal hard drive, SSD, pen drive, or SD card via an adapter).
6.Type select disk . (Make sure you enter the number correctly and don’t end up changing the attributes of your internal hard drive or any other storage media).
7.Type attributes disk clear readonly and Hit Enter.
8.Type exit and press Enter to get out of the diskpart utility.
9.Type exit and press Enter again to get out of the command line.

By geekfoss
Created On: May 06, 2016 09:25 AM

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