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Doom Patrol Season 3

Comedy Drama Superhero
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2022 Season 3 English 18+
The outcast superheroes struggle to face who they are and who they want to be.
  • Release Date in India 4 August 2022
  • Release Date in US 23 September 2021
  • Language English
  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Superhero
  • Creator Jeremy Carver
  • Director
    Christopher Manley, Harry Jierjian, Omar Madha, Glen Winter, Kristin Windell, Dermott Downs, Rebecca Rodriguez
  • Writer
    Jeremy Carver, Shoshana Sachi, April Fitzsimmons, Neil Reynolds, Tom Farrell, Tamara Becher-Wilkinson, Eric Dietel, Chris Dingess
  • Cinematography Scott Winig, Scott Peck
  • Producer
    Jeremy Carver, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Chris Dingess, Tamara Becher-Wilkinson
  • Music Director Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner
  • Production
    Berlanti Productions, Jeremy Carver Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
  • Episodes 10
  • Certificate 18+
  • Cast
    Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Joivan Wade, Skye Roberts, Riley Shanahan, Matthew Zuk, Michelle Gomez, Phil Morris, Hannah Alline

About Doom Patrol Season 3 TV Series

The team members are still grieving over The Chief's loss. Meanwhile, some of the misadventures for the season include dealing with getting zombified, switching places with their subconscious selves, Rita traveling back to 1917, and Larry’s tumor beginning to grow and even gain sentience.

Doom Patrol Season 3 TV Series Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer and Ratings

Doom Patrol Season 3 TV Series Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer and Ratings

Doom Patrol Season 3
Episodes (10)
  • Possibilities Patrol
    Possibilities Patrol
    Release Date: 23 September 2021
  • Vacay Patrol
    Vacay Patrol
    Release Date: 23 September 2021
  • Dead Patrol
    Dead Patrol
    Release Date: 23 September 2021
  • Undead Patrol
    Undead Patrol
    Release Date: 30 September 2021
  • Dada Patrol
    Dada Patrol
    Release Date: 7 October 2021
  • 1917 Patrol
    1917 Patrol
    Release Date: 14 October 2021
  • Bird Patrol
    Bird Patrol
    Release Date: 21 October 2021
  • Subconscious Patrol
    Subconscious Patrol
    Release Date: 28 October 2021
  • Evil Patrol
    Evil Patrol
    Release Date: 4 November 2021
  • Amends Patrol
    Amends Patrol
    Release Date: 11 November 2021
Rating Rating 7.8/10
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Doom Patrol Season 3 TV Series Trailer

Doom Patrol Season 3 TV Series Songs

1. Steampunk Entrance Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:12
2. Battle with Trauma Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:48
3. The Brotherhood of Evil Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 2:08
4. Garguax and Samuelson Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:50
5. Tunnel of Souls Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:05
6. Meet the Dead Boys Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:17
7. Zombie Patrol Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:24
8. Dada Talk Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:31
9. Souvenirs Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:50
10. Finding Closure Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:14
11. Rita and Malcolm Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:37
12. Dada Invites Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 1:39
13. Eternal Flagellation Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:05
14. Vic and General Tony Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 8:23
15. Cliff and Cliff Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:23
16. Team Fights Baby Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:51
17. Brain in Robotman Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:11
18. Giant Robot Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:58
19. Time Won't Change Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:25
20. Super Team Ready Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:02
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