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Doom Patrol Season 2

Comedy Drama Superhero
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2022 Season 2 English 18+
The superpowered outcasts return to save the world.
  • Release Date in India 4 August 2022
  • Release Date in US 25 June 2020
  • Language English
  • Genre Comedy, Drama, Superhero
  • Creator Jeremy Carver
  • Director
    Glen Winter, Dermott Downs, Rachel Talalay, Stefan Pleszczynski, Larry Teng, Christopher Manley, Harry Jierjian, Rebecca Rodriguez, Omar Madha, Kristin Windell, Jessica Lowrey, Samira Radsi, Amanda Row
  • Writer
    Jeremy Carver, Neil Reynolds, Shoshana Sachi, Tamara Becher-Wilkinson, Tom Farrell, Chris Dingess
  • Cinematography Scott Winig, Scott Peck
  • Producer
    Jeremy Carver, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Chris Dingess, Tamara Becher-Wilkinson
  • Music Director Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner
  • Production
    Berlanti Productions, Jeremy Carver Productions, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
  • Episodes 9
  • Certificate 18+
  • Cast
    Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, Timothy Dalton, Joivan Wade, Skye Roberts, Riley Shanahan, Matthew Zuk

About Doom Patrol Season 2 TV Series

As the unconventional superheroes fight the traumas of their past, they must come together to save the world and protect the newest member, Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro).

Doom Patrol Season 2 TV Series Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer and Ratings

Doom Patrol Season 2 TV Series Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer and Ratings

Doom Patrol Season 2
Episodes (9)
  • Fun Size Patrol
    Fun Size Patrol
    Release Date: 25 June 2020
  • Tyme Patrol
    Tyme Patrol
    Release Date: 25 June 2020
  • Pain Patrol
    Pain Patrol
    Release Date: 25 June 2020
  • Sex Patrol
    Sex Patrol
    Release Date: 2 July 2020
  • Finger Patrol
    Finger Patrol
    Release Date: 9 July 2020
  • Space Patrol
    Space Patrol
    Release Date: 16 July 2020
  • Dumb Patrol
    Dumb Patrol
    Release Date: 23 July 2020
  • Dad Patrol
    Dad Patrol
    Release Date: 30 July 2020
  • Wax Patrol
    Wax Patrol
    Release Date: 6 August 2020
Rating Rating 7.8/10
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Doom Patrol Season 2 TV Series Trailer

Doom Patrol Season 2 TV Series Songs

1. Miniature Patrol Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:52
2. The Candlemaker Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 7:48
3. Father and Son Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:59
4. Dr. Tyme and the Loose Brain Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:32
5. Backstories Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 6:21
6. Red Jack and the Butterflies Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:52
7. To Keep Dorothy Happy Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:44
8. Catching Sex Ghosts Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:21
9. Cliff's Heroics Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 3:13
10. Adventures in Space Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 6:33
11. Scants Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:39
12. It's Time Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 4:52
13. Trauma at the Well Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 6:32
14. Imaginary Friends Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 5:58
15. Meet Your Fate Clint Mansell, Kevin Kiner 6:20
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